We’ve officially run out of generic sci-fi stars…

About halfway through watching RoboCop (2014) today, I came to a horrifying realization: Hollywood has officially run out of generic sci-fi action movie stars and they’ve resorted to using the exact same guy over and over again. He’s a wannabe Jason Statham who likes wearing futuristic robot suits and sounds like he’s having a hard time masking some European accent. Here are some of his latest appearances:

Billed as Joel Kinnaman in “RoboCop” (2014)

Going by Charlie Hunnam in “Pacific Rim” (2013)

Calling himself Garrett Hedlund in “Tron: Legacy” (2010)

Put a helmet on this guy, and he’s pretty much unrecognizable.

So get ready to see even more of our favorite interchangeable, completely forgettable action star as he takes on more armored hero roles when he’s cast as Sam Fisher, Master Chief, and Boba Fett later this year!


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