My Android’s User Dictionary

I’m guessing that everyone with a smartphone has a love-hate relationship with the autocorrect feature. I’m awful at typing on my phone, and thankfully it can usually figure out what my gibberish is supposed to say. But every now and then I accidentally accept these gibberish words into my custom dictionary. Over time, my autocorrect starts recognizing mistyped words as real ones, and sometimes even changes real words to the typo. Then I have to wander the netherworld of my phone’s settings to find the user dictionary and delete these letter jumbles. That’s where I find a thoroughly entertaining collection of random words that for one reason or another I have intentionally used in a text message. Here is a selection of some of these words, with entirely no context whatsoever:

Colbert Cutler dadgummit
Donatello doodle douched
duh Earf Eisley
‘ello epa Festivus
fiddlesticks freaky frolf
fuck fuckin fucking
fugg fuggin fung
gahh galoots gorram
govnor grody groupon’d
hags Han Hanie
heyy heyyy heyyyy
hii hiii hiiii
hillbilly HIV horatio
imax indeedily Jawa
jetskis juggalo karting
kiddos kippor knighting
Kromps Krompskins Krompy
lamesauce manwhore mazel
McFlurry micrograms Mulaney
Narnia Netflixing Nightwing
noonish Oneders perchaps
Pietros prolly puhsketti
racketball screwy Shawshank
shindig Sith slurring
svedka Tebow Thanos
Tomagotchi totes unwound
Urlacher Vagasil weirding
whyfore wingman wonky
Wrigley WTFuck yarrrrrrr
yessir Yoda

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